A list of Macintosh software links

October 11, 2020

Macintosh Garden — A huge collection of Macintosh abandonware..

The contents of Macintosh Garden’s FTP server is periodically mirrored and uploaded once a year to the Internet Archive by buriedbits.

Macintosh Garden Software Compilations — Includes many software images of CDs containing shareware/freeware.

Macintosh Repository — Another collection of software from the classic Mac OS era.

Max1zzz Mirror — Buriedbits mirrored this great source of classic Mac software to archive.org. The entire repository spans 63 25GB BDR discs. It’s not clear what happened to mirror.macintosharchive.org which once had a mirror as well.

Mk.558’s Classic Mac Networking — An excellent and thorough guide to classic Mac networking and more. This guide details the steps and procedures required to network the former generation of Macintoshes to each other, and to modern computers and networks. The guide was written for an audience that is computer literate. The guide primarily focuses on the Macintosh 512K up to the last Beige G3 series that came out just before the first-generation iMac.

UCSD Infoserve (Macintosh Software) — A Gopher mirror which requires either the OverbiteWX or the OverbiteNX Firefox browser add-on.

OverbiteWX Re-enables the Gopher protocol in Firefox 56 and above, allowing you to enter Gopher URLs and click on Gopher links. Because WebExtensions does not yet have a TCP sockets API, this version redirects your requests to the Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy.

OverbiteNX Enables the Gopher protocol in Firefox 59+ using the Onyx native component (free and open source, available for Linux, Windows and macOS).

The Mac Archive dot Net — A minimal 68K Macintosh software collection. Also available via an anonymous FTP connection.

MacAddict Cover discs — MacAddict was the first North American magazine focused on the Macintosh to include a CD-ROM with every issue. MacAddict’s discs included shareware and demo programs, but also came with other added features, such as staff videos and previews of content inside the magazine’s hard copy. An archive.org collection

The Mac Driver Museum — A Collection of Orphaned Drivers for all Macs

MacFixer — This Vintage Mac Software Library has everything you need to get started with your Mac. System 6, 7, Mac OS 8 and 9, Utilities, Applications and a few games.