What is BuriedBits?

BuriedBits downloads software for vintage Macs from the waybackmachine by first farming Macintosh related URLs from old sites, books and magazines. These URLs are then stored in related text files as sources to download classic Macintosh specific software. This is one of the methods used to download classic Macintosh specific software. This formal approach is being documented here. The other download approach is entirely adhoc. All of these downloads can be found on BuriedBits’ FTP File Server (BuriedBits domain).

The process relies on scripts and other apps to achieve a directory of software downloads. Duplicate files and empty folders are removed and the final results are packaged and uploaded via FTP to BuriedBits’ File Server. Eventually these software packages will also be added to the internet archive for convenience.

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Thank you to the following people and non-profits who have been an inspiration

Jason Scott of textfiles fame
Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It podcast
The Internet Archive’s founder, Brewster Khale
Special thanks to fogWraith of The Macintosh Garden who provided some initial help with file storage.
Accolades go to Andreas Berendsen for the significant Macintosh software contributions he has made to the Internet Archive. All hosted on BuriedBits’ File Server