February 12, 2020

capture details

Elo Touch on web.archive.orgElo Touch on web.archive.org

Two additional text files were downloaded. These indicate compatibility and bug related issues with EloTouch displays for some Macintosh computers.

Command lines

command line used to download contents

wayback_machine_downloader -s -d url.com_IA -c6 --only "/\.(pkg|as|hqx|cpt|bin|sea|sit|sitx|dd|pit)$/i" url.com

command line used to generate the contents list

find /path/to/parent/dir -not -name '.*' -type file -exec basename {} \; | tee filename.file_list.txt

command line used to generate tree directory

tree -N -shQDF --charset /path/to/parent/dir | tee filename.tree.txt


AppleScript used to set Safari’s browser window bounds before taking a screenshot.

tell application "Safari"
  set bounds of front window to {300, 30, 1024, 768}
end tell