FTP Access

December 24, 2021

FTP access has been available for a while but I thought I would finally announce it. The server is running on a MacMini 2018 running BigSur. I have not placed any restrictions but it would be appreciated if you limit activity to 3 concurrent downloads. This will help keep the server and your downloads running more smoothly while allowing everyone connected to have a good experience.

The file server can be accessed as follows:



Secure FTP

Host: ftp.buriedbits.org
Port: 21
Username: anonymous
No password is required; however, in some cases a single space in the password field may be necessary
Protocol: Explicit FTP over TLS

Plain FTP (connect using your vintage computer)

Host: ftp.buriedbits.org
Port: 2121
Username: buriedbits
Password: buriedbits
Protocol: Plain FTP

Note: The plain FTP connection exposes only the waybackmachine scrape contents and its use is primarily intended for users of Macintosh computers and their emulated counterparts. If you want more documents exposed use the contact link at the top of the page.

The project’s time is limited to semi-automating the process of pulling software from the waybackmachine. If you do find something of interest that deserves attention, please consider sharing it with the Macintosh Garden so that your discovery enjoys a wider audience. The server’s status can be found here.

A significant part of the buriedbits project is to download Macintosh specific filetypes from the waybackmachine. It is hoped that this may expose Macintosh related software works that may have been thought to be lost or otherwise hard to find.

No claims are made to rights to any software on the BuriedBits FTP server. If we are made aware of content that infringes copyright, we will remove it. We do consider the software on the server as artifacts or orphaned works (abandonware) as they appear to be ignored by the owner and no longer supported. Our primary goal is software preservation and software discovery on the waybackmachine.

We are not affiliated with archive.org but use their service relentlessly. Please support us by supporting archive.org

Contact us with if you have any questions related to the FTP content.