April 3, 2022

FTP Update: Please Read

FTP will be down for a few days as I data wrangle files from old drives to new ones. In the meantime I can only ask for your patience.

Read more details below:

A RAID 5 was setup on a recently acquired Mercury Elite Pro Quad. It is populated with four certified (via OWC SoftRAID) 4TB Toshiba N300 drives. Going forward this will act as the main data driver for the FTP Server. The data on the old drives in a YottaMaster enclosure are being transferred to the Mercury. In the near future Carbon Copy Cloner will be purchased and deployed to ensure the Mercury is regularly backed up to a yet to be purchased hard drive. I contacted Bombich to understand how to best conduct backups in this configuration.

Specs on the FTP server

More plans

If you have any comments, suggestions or other ideas please reach out.