February 6, 2022

Helping with Vintage Mac Repairs

Like may of you, I enjoy working on my old Macintosh computers, their PSUs and other internal components. It’s much more than the tools, it’s really about your knowledge and skills that can yield good repairs. Part of the challenge is understanding which capacitors are right for the board.

I began working on a Google sheet and everyone is welcome to refer to it. I began this sheet because it is difficult to find one centralized site or document that hosts Mac models and references the required replacement caps for an old Mac. The information is out there but it’s scattered across the internet. As I am doing this on my own it will be a long project so I encourage you to contact me using the contact link to feed some data to enter into the sheet.

i only started this a few days ago but it will likely remain a work in progress for a long time indeed.

Google sheet with general information on repair boards and Mac specific repairs organized by Mac Model.